Why Don't I Have a Light Box?

This is how it starts.  Driving home from work, I was thinking that tonight I should trace a few of the drawings I am planning on making into stamps, because in my preliminary test the scan of one of the original drawings showed some of the lines I had erased and was generally just a bit too messy to make a nice clean negative. 

Then I started thinking about the actual tracing part and thought, "I really should have a light box for that.  Why don't I have a light box?".  I have never until today thought I needed a light box.

This is how I ended up with every crafting device I own (and I do own quite a few).  A random thought, which settles in as a niggling idea for a few days or weeks, becomes a youtube search one day, then escalates to an obsession, and eventually becomes a purchase.  Like "Inception".  I wonder if someone has been been poking around in my dreams.  I hope not -- there's some weird and scary stuff in there.

I guess for today, it will be the tried and true old (elementary) school method of taping the drawing to the window and tracing that way.  But!  It may not be tomorrow or next week, but I am predicting today that at some point in the future I shall own a light box and this day will have been Light Box Inception Day Zero.

On a somewhat related note, in light of a text message from him this afternoon, I suspect now that my darling husband understands what the stamp maker actually does (it makes stamps!), he must have spent the night internalizing this knowledge and coming up with ideas of his own.  This can be dangerous for us because, while I may be good at the execution, he is full of ideas.  We tend to feed off each other, so that when we get started on some innocuous little project it often snowballs into a very big project. And his ideas usually occur to him around 7:00 in the evening when the item is required the next morning.

UPDATE: Didn't do any of that. Went for frozen yogurt with Mom and Rico instead. So here's a picture of Rico, pre-yogurt outing.

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