Wedding Card for the Mr. & Mr.

I've been meaning to post a photo of this card I made for quite a while now.  Finally sat down tonight to do it, and just spent a good 20 minutes trying to remember -- then ultimately resetting -- my password. 

Anyway...back to the subject at hand.  This is the card I made for my hairdresser and his fiance, who were married this past weekend.  I prefer giving handmade cards when I have the time, especially if it's for someone special, and lately I've been doing my own artwork, but I'm a bit shy about who I give those to.  It feels very presumptuous. 

I did actually go looking for a store-bought card, and I have to say I'm surprised at the lack of selection of wedding cards for same sex couples.  Here it is 2012, and all I found was one lame card (which they were sure to get multiples of), so off I went home to make my own.  In the end I was glad I did, although I was a bit nervous about what their reaction would be once they saw the picture, and I almost chickened out.  But they loved the picture and the sentiment, and will even be putting it in a frame.  In fact, they asked if I would consider selling them.  Awww...bless their hearts.  :o)

I should mention also that I was able to use my new light box (!) for the project.  (See previous post.  I only held out for about a week.  In my defence, I did have a 40%-off coupon.  Hee hee!)

Right.  Off to bed now.  Nighty-night!

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