Oh my goodness.  It could not have been two years since my last post.  

*Quickly checking past blog posts*

OK, it has been over two years.  Shameful.  Shall resolve to do better in future, especially since there have been a great many small number of projects I have actually completed that really should have ended up on here since pre-Halloween 2012.  

Like, for instance...

This Captain Hook costume for my husband for Halloween 2012 (featuring Himself):

Mustn't forget Peter Pan (who really wasn't as uncomfortable and unhappy as this photo would suggest):

And also, this Christmas Lady 2012, mailing her letter to Santa:

2013 saw the two of us embarking on a Weight Watchers adventure, each losing 50 lbs in the process.  So, if I had managed to post anything that year, it would likely have been about recipes, getting rid of too-big clothes, or maybe how much I just really wanted popcorn, a Coke Slurpee, or a Blizzard.  So.  Let's consider that all said, as really all that could have been a blog of its own.

I did manage to complete a few smaller projects, but I think I'll save those for a later date.

On to Christmas Lady 2013!  She actually did get to eat some popcorn, warm and cozy, watching Christmas movies as the snow fell outside:

And, finally, there was the Dragon Lady, which I painted for a friend at work.     

And now here it is December 2014, and I am supposed to be working on Christmas lady 2014.  So naturally, I am working on the blog I have ignored for two years.  :)

There have been a few other crafting developments I will post about later (this is becoming quite a long post already), but probably the biggest development is that I finally did the work and opened an Etsy shop to sell a few of my creations, and you can view my shop, Three Room Studio, here!

Right.  Must go now -- it's way past my bedtime, and I still have a day job.  Nitey nite!