Welcome to my new blog!

I'm not clear yet what it will be or if it will even stay on this site, but I do have a vague idea that I would like a place to show some of the projects I work on from time to time. My husband and I share a Facebook page and I sometimes worry I'm hogging the page or annoying people with my craft obsessions (in fact, I already censor myself for their benefit!).

So, presumably you are here because you're like-minded (and maybe a little obsessed like me? Hmm?), and if not...well, I'm afraid you'll be sadly disappointed if you're looking for interesting, relevant, or thought-provoking content. What you will likely find is quite a bit of rambling, half-formed thoughts, poor storytelling, the occasional rant about improper use of punctuation (learn how to use the apostrophe, people!), photos of craft/sewing/painting projects, and definitely several photos of our furry little prince, Rico. Like this one.  -->

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