In Search of Planner Peace - Erin Condren Life Planner

I have been seeing a lot of posts about planners lately, but had not yet ventured down that particular rabbit hole, mainly because I use my iPhone for most things, but also because it seems to involve a lot of accoutrement such as stamps and stickers and washi tape, which I can see as a potential high-risk area for me.  First I'll purchase a lot of pens and stamps and stickers and washi tape, then I'll want to make myself customized stamps and stickers, and then I'll be busy doing that and really get nothing else accomplished.  This obviously defeats the purpose of getting a life planner.  

So, having had this internal dialogue with myself and patting myself on the back for deciding to leave well enough alone, I naturally found myself ordering an Erin Condren life planner in the wee hours of the morning last Monday (in my defence, YouTube and insomnia were involved...).  

I thought I'd give it a try anyway.  The simple fact is, my iPhone is really not keeping me as organized as I would like to be. I don't care much for the calendar (and here, I fully expect black-suited, sunglass-wearing Apple representatives to burst through the door and drag me away), and I never hear the reminder alarm because my phone is usually in my purse when I'm at work, and although I'm sure there are great apps out there, I have yet to find one that works for me.  So, if I'm trying something out it may as well be something I can easily customize and doodle in.  I had also considered Kikki K and Hobonichi, but the Erin Condren one seemed much easier to lay hands on.   

It was not as expensive as I had expected.  I ordered a Daytimer planner 20 years ago (I sent a form and a cheque through the mail even!  That's how old I am.), and spent well over $100 then for a personalized binder I could never change.  All tolled, the Erin Condren planner was around 85 US$, including personalization, shipping, and a few extra accessories like the pen holder and the clips. I ordered one with a foil cover, and was pleased to find out there is a promotion code on the site for $25 off the gold or platinum.  Given this, I now regret not paying a bit more for the faster shipping, but I was overcome with practicality for a change (and a need for sleep) and went with regular shipping.  

As expected, I have also wasted a good part of this weekend putzing around in Adobe Illustrator with custom stamp and sticker ideas, and I haven't even received my planner yet (it won't ship until this week, and Canada Post will want to let it sit in stasis for a few days once it gets through Customs).  But I am looking forward to the rush of organizational euphoria I am sure I will experience once it arrives!  :)

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